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Triton is a small god, who’s very weak. His big papa, Poseidon, is much cooler, and a lot more handsome. He hope that one day he’ll be as magnificent as Poseidon, but everyone know he won’t be. ­čśŽ


Well the first I found on DeviantArt that I thought looked pretty cool, and is the only one that looks pretty decent. The second one is really small for some reason, but it looks like a generic school logo, with bright colors, and bold statements to be told. Same goes for the third one, but there are some obvious flaws in it’s design; the left hand is much too small, they didn’t understand the meaning of perspective, and the triton itself seems to be floating above his hand, unfit for throwing. The fourth one is a statue of Trition’s bust, and it looks pretty old. The last one is another generic logo, this time with even less color and thought put into it; one color? Really? And I mean, look at triton, it looks like cardboard! Also, his tail is much to small and fat, something I wouldn’t expect from a god, no matter how pathetic they may be.

Now, if I were to make a Triton-based logo for a school mascot, I would make him totally shredded, with bulging muscles, and a triton that looks like only a god could hold it. He would be basic, but also incredibly handsome. I would ultimately take the concept of Triton, and beef him up into a god worthy of recognition, which would ultimately make the school look more menacing and aggressive than any other.


Garry Winogrand Analysis


In this photo by Garry Winogrand, there is a man in a white button-up shirt pointing directly at the camera. He appears to be in some sort of lobby, for there are other people sitting around, and an elevator is seen in the background of the image. This image is supposed to represent a memory that many people can relate to: being somewhere you’re not supposed to be. We’ve all been there; maybe you’re at a museum, and you’re kicked out because you accidentally had your flash on. Or perhaps your fishing, and your boat is towed back to shore because you left your boating license in your other pair of pants. In my opinion, I feel like this is a very successful image; it expresses emotion, feeling, and is produced very well. The lighting is spot-on, and the monochromatic tone only adds to its creative prowess. If I could, I would definitely hang this up on my wall.

Anna Atkins Analysis

anna-atkins-photographs-of-british-algae-cyanotype-impressions-1843-44-f1983-12Anna Atkins, Cystoscira granulata, 1843, cyanotype

Anna Atkins was an artist who focused mainly on cyanotypes, and in this piece, known as Cystoscira granulata,┬áthere is a white silhouette of┬áBritish algae on cyanotype paper. The outline itself looks pretty smooth, but the cyanotype blue looks bumpy and rough. This piece is very interesting, and makes me think of a lab, where scientists list types of plants in a big book. I feel like she was trying to get some sort of message out, maybe that we should appreciate nature, and that we shouldn’t have to put them on a piece of paper to enjoy it. I believe that this piece isn’t very successful for a few reasons. One, it’s a bit small in person, and second, it’s overlooked by many other types of art that are harder and more complex. I think it looks good, and I’m sure she put a lot of time into this piece, but it just isn’t something I would hang on my wall.

Imogen Cunningham Analysis


Cactus Flower, Imogen Cunningham, 1960.

Imogen Cunningham’s Cactus Flower is one of her many photographic masterpieces. It’s simple: a cactus flower on a pure black background. It’s the simplicity of it that makes it so masterful. It makes me feel calm, and I feel like the artist is trying to tell the reader an exciting story without any words. I believe that this photo is a huge success, for the blacks and whites are deep and bright, and the way she gave an object of nature a set of deeper emotions is certainly beautiful. If I could, I would definitely hang this piece on my wall.

Jake Fried Analysis

Night Vision from Jake Fried on Vimeo.

Night Vision by Jake Fried is a short animation that seems to be made of paper and ink. It’s composed of many different things, but the main theme of this animation is “space” and the mysteries of what lays beyond it. It’s in black and white, and looks like it has a rough texture to it. The animation makes me think of some sort of acid trip that someone would’ve had in the 60’s, but without all the crazy colors. I believe that the artist is trying to show the viewer what crazy things could be in space, and how our imaginations can go beyond our perception of seeing and hearing. I think it’s very original, and although it may not be world-known, I feel like I’d have a hard time trying to get this to hang on my wall since it’s a video.

Chuck Close Analysis

untitled-2Chuck Close, Self Portrait, 1997

Chuck Close’s Self Portrait is an oil self-portrait that was completed in 1997 on canvas. It’s a self-portrait, meaning that it’s Chuck’s own face, but it’s made up in a way that isn’t like most self-portraits. He’s compiled together a bunch of squares with different colors in such a way that it looks like him, while not being incredibly realistic. It has many different colors, many of which you’d never see in a normal portrait. The photo feels incredibly scattered, yet it feels structured at the same time. I believe that Chuck wanted to show the viewer that even the simplest of shapes can create something incredibly complex. I think that this portrait is a complete success, and is incredibly original for a concept that’s been done for centuries. If I could afford one, I’d hang this on my wall for sure.