Triton is a small god, who’s very weak. His big papa, Poseidon, is much cooler, and a lot more handsome. He hope that one day he’ll be as magnificent as Poseidon, but everyone know he won’t be. 😦


Well the first I found on DeviantArt that I thought looked pretty cool, and is the only one that looks pretty decent. The second one is really small for some reason, but it looks like a generic school logo, with bright colors, and bold statements to be told. Same goes for the third one, but there are some obvious flaws in it’s design; the left hand is much too small, they didn’t understand the meaning of perspective, and the triton itself seems to be floating above his hand, unfit for throwing. The fourth one is a statue of Trition’s bust, and it looks pretty old. The last one is another generic logo, this time with even less color and thought put into it; one color? Really? And I mean, look at triton, it looks like cardboard! Also, his tail is much to small and fat, something I wouldn’t expect from a god, no matter how pathetic they may be.

Now, if I were to make a Triton-based logo for a school mascot, I would make him totally shredded, with bulging muscles, and a triton that looks like only a god could hold it. He would be basic, but also incredibly handsome. I would ultimately take the concept of Triton, and beef him up into a god worthy of recognition, which would ultimately make the school look more menacing and aggressive than any other.


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