Aperture and Lighting (ItM)

YUAndpMCbXk_9hvX4xMDoxOjBzMTt2bJonline 1

These pictures, taken by the famous Ansel Adams, were taken on his Eastman Kodak Brownie #1, but he also used a Pocket Kodak for his other photos. He would usually take his photos at a lower aperture, usually at around f/2.2-f/2.0. Most of his photos, along with these two, were taken with natural light, since his theme of landscapes prevented much artificial light to be used. In the first picture, the light is coming from behind him on the left-hand side, while the second picture has the light coming towards him from above. For lenses, he used a 12-inch Georz Dagor, but he would also use a 12-inch Voigtlander or a 121mm Schneider Super Angulon.

Example Aperture SettingsApertures-2


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