Garry Winogrand Analysis


In this photo by Garry Winogrand, there is a man in a white button-up shirt pointing directly at the camera. He appears to be in some sort of lobby, for there are other people sitting around, and an elevator is seen in the background of the image. This image is supposed to represent a memory that many people can relate to: being somewhere you’re not supposed to be. We’ve all been there; maybe you’re at a museum, and you’re kicked out because you accidentally had your flash on. Or perhaps your fishing, and your boat is towed back to shore because you left your boating license in your other pair of pants. In my opinion, I feel like this is a very successful image; it expresses emotion, feeling, and is produced very well. The lighting is spot-on, and the monochromatic tone only adds to its creative prowess. If I could, I would definitely hang this up on my wall.


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