Aaron Siskind Analysis


Acolman 1, Aaron Siskind, photo, abstract expressionism, 1955.

This photo looks like the side of a getty, or a sea wall of some sort, made out of concrete and heavy steel. It’s very rough and weathered down, and the picture overall is very dull. This photo makes me feel out of place, like I’m not supposed to be looking at it, as if I’m in a restricted area. It makes me think of the dry side of a dam – where you can see where there used to be water, but it’s all gone now. I believe that the artist is trying to give you a sense of being out of place, or maybe a sense of being walled off from somewhere you desire to be. I think that this photo is a success, and I would love to frame this on my wall. It’s certainly original, though I’m certain that there have been people who have tried to imitate this type of photography. It’s dark and mysterious, though I feel that it has balance between the blacks and the whites.



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